They are all around us. They live next door, down the street, across state lines, oceans, and even in our own homes.

They are not only war heroes. They nurture the hidden talents in us. They jump in headlong when someone else is in danger. These special heroes acknowledge their own limitations but do not dwell on them; truly believing that their strengths provide the key to a better life.
They buck the system when necessary and work from within it when they can. 'No' is not a word to be taken or used lightly. Perseverance, not impatience is a quality to be cherished.

Recognition is the least thing that they desire for themselves, but if it provides inspiration to or 'opens doors' for others, then they are all for it!

Special heroes find their way in life even when all around is filled with darkness, dangers, and obstacle courses that others simply give up on getting past.They impact the body, mind, and, yes, even the souls of those whom they help.

Most times, Special Heroes do not even realize that they are such. Not because of modesty, but because they expect that everyone does or would do as they have done.

Unfortunately, it seems to many (parents, teachers, clergy, and others) that heroes exist only in the fairy tales of old or in celebrities, sports figures, politicians, or religious icons of centuries past.

Remember that Special Heroes are people, first and foremost. They are not perfect. So that you can find flaws in them, if that will make you feel better or 'superior'. - But, if you seek to do that, you shortchange not them, but yourself and those whom you love. Because the ability to see people for who they are, have been, and can be, is a gift. A gift which allows you to be a better person. One who truly understands what should and should not be tolerated. One who knows from deep within their heart when forgiveness should replace anger or revenge. One who knows the difference between commitment and obstinence. The difference between expectation of reward and acceptance when reward comes their way. One who comes to see more clearly that despite the 'doom and gloom' that sells so many newspapers and is seemingly everywhere in the electronic media, that greatness is truly there in our daily lives if we only know where to look for it and do seek it out.

Our website is devoted to all of these heroes. We hope that you will find it to be a source of inspiration and refuge, without being pretentious or an escape.

You are needed to help us locate these Special heroes among us. Whether they still live or have succumbed to life's or their body's own hardships.

Finally, you are needed to spread the word that we exist. To spread the feelings that come with knowing that in a world that often seems hopeless, that you are not alone; that others are 'here'.